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Coat Movie Review 2023: COAT movie may be the first Bollywood film to depict the harsh realities of pig-rearing families. Other moives are in Marathi language and other regional languages, however, have captured the plight of people from marginalized communities. Fandry by Nagraj Manjule, for example, is about a pig-hunting boy who fantasizes about romance with an upper-caste girl in his class.

Coat is an upcoming Indian Hindi-language drama family film directed by Akshay Ditti and Kumar Abhishek.

Coat Movie Story And Review 2023

The other villagers do not respect Madho (Vivaan Shah) and his father because they are low caste pig farmers. One day he witnesses a foreigner get admiration and attention due of his pricey coat. Madho who is adamant about succeeding, starts making attempts to get a coat that he cannot afford. is this short moive story of COAT

Coat Movie review

The movie COAT explores the connection between caste and poverty. Sanjay Mishra and Pooja Pandey are two well-known actors who play key parts in the movie.

Bollywood has become increasingly receptive in recent years to the narratives of society’s outcast groups. For instance, while Madam Chief Minister, starring Richa Chadda, presented the tale of a Dalit woman who defied all difficulties to become Chief Minister, Article 15 concentrated on the caste structure in rural areas. There have been passing mentions of the nation’s caste structure in other Bollywood movies.

COAT is one of those “few and far between films,” but there haven’t been many Bollywood movies featuring a Dalit lead. The protagonist of the movie is Madhav, a little kid who raises pigs. It portrays the goals of a boy from a lower caste.

Madhav fantasizes of donning an imported coat despite never being able to purchase new clothing. Unexpectedly, Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, who belonged to the untouchable caste, donned the coat as a form of disability.

This movie deviates from the norm and conveys the idea that anyone, regardless of caste, can achieve anything if they are driven, whereas prior movies about lower castes have solely concentrated on oppression and Dalit murders. The theme of the movie is achieving success despite all challenges.

Movie NameCOAT
Release Date4 Aug 2023
DirectorAkshay Ditti
ProducerPinna singh, Arpti Garg, Kumar Abhishek, Shiv Aryan
StarcastSanjay Mishra, Vivaan Shah,Pooja Pandey, Sonal jha, Harshita Pandey, Gagan Gupta, Badal Rajput
WriterKumar Abhishek, Akshay Ditti

Coat Movie Trailer

coat movie tralier 2023


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Coat is an upcoming Indian Hindi-language drama family film directed by Akshay Ditti and Kumar Abhishek.

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